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Strip CatDedicated Strip Till Specialists, Twin Diamond Industries is committed to an environmentally sound farming systems approach that includes a unique user friendly strip till unit and integrating agronomic concepts that we know to be true.

Utilizing university, industry, producer, and our own data, we feel we can demonstrate that strip till and nutrient management is a valuable tool in conserving our environment along with increasing the profitability of our producers!

Located in south central Nebraska, Twin Diamond Industries serves the marketplace in virtually all of the states. From sugar beets, cotton, and to all row crops, we have a unit that can handle them all. Our goal is to continually bring to the table better machinery and agronomy that will keep us ahead of the demand!

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What the customers say...


"The ground warmed up quicker and made a perfect narrow path to plant in. The Strip maker made planting fun. The fertilizer placement kept the nitrogen away from the residue."

~ RHN Jacobsen of Franklin, NE


"Removal of corn residue is a must for optimum emergence and stands. I made my planting operation so much easier and placement of the fertilizer was key. It also allowed me to variable rate my fertility close to the row."

~ Eric Maaske of Oxford, NE

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WHY STRIP TILL? Because it saves money.

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